A three-part DesignCast series: Print to Web from Start to Finish

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By: Admin | April 23, 2010

From our sister magazine, HOW:

You’re a successful designer with a portfolio full of print work, and your latest client asks you for a website to go along with that brochure you’ve designed. How can you polish your web design skills—and fast?Here’s how (actually, here’s HOW): the new Print to Web DesignCast series that starts next week. Our experienced instructors will cover the business, design and strategy of web design.

In just three one-hour sessions you’ll get essential information about managing web projects, tapping into web-design trends and developing strategically sound websites.

Get started with a session on Tuesday, April 27, where veteran designer Daniel Schutzsmith will teach you how to Manage Your Web Design Projects like a Pro.

Then move on to the creative aspects of web design with Patrick McNeil’s session on May 27: Know Your Trends without Being Trendy.

On June 22, Mark O’Brien, host of our most popular DesignCast to date, reveals strategies for Making Your Site Your Own Best Promoter.

Individual sessions are just $69, and the full series is $99—it’s a great way to make that transition from print to web design! Register now!

Also: Join us Thursday, April 29, for a Master Class DesignCast with Nicholas Felton, one of the country’s preeminent information designers and the creator of the popular Feltron Annual Report. In this Master Class, Felton shows you how to mine mountains of data to get to the most vital information and turn it into winning design.