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© Kazimir Malevich "Black square" 1915

Tell us what you think about SOPA and PIPA in the comments section below. (Note that Wikipedia left the entries for both bills online, although its site is blacked out.)

Here’s a quick digest of the SOPA/PIPA black-out protests:

The New York Times’ take

Stewart Smith (profiled in our October issue) designed a bookmarklet to unblock Wikipedia today. Heading off criticism that he’s effectively crossing a picket line, he writes, “The protest is a grab for media attention (one that we support) in order to alert and educate as many people as possible about the dangers of SOPA and PIPA before these measures can be snuck into law. Finding a way around the blackout is not ‘being a scab’ or devaluing the protest.”

At McSweeney’s, Ben Greenman offers some tips for getting through a Wikipedia-less day.

And a list of some sites going dark today (thanks, Mashable!)

  1. Imgur

  2. Tor Project

  3. Miro

  4. iSchool at Syracuse University


  6. Wikipedia

  7. Reddit

  8. Mozilla


  10. icanhazCheezburger Network


  12. Good Old Games

  13. TwitPic

  14. Minecraft

  15. Free Press

  16. Mojang

  17. XDA Developers

  18. Destructoid

  19. DesignMilk