Designer of the Week: Russ Honican

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Russ Honican got his his start as an editor and designer with Load Media Network during the dot com boom. From there, he entered the film and television industry, holding titles like lead designer, theatrical art director and design director. After 14 years in field, Honican joined Trailer Park, where he runs the department of motion graphics and works hands on as a designer creating graphics for “Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom,” “Robin Hood,” “Orange is the New Black” and more.

Name: Russ Honican

Location: Hollywood, CA

Design school attended: Virginia Commonwealth University

How would you describe your work?

I am both a motion graphic designer and a creative director. I work on advertising for film and television for the most part, with a sprinkling of main titles for features and television shows. I gravitate heavily toward realism with darker tonalities and colors.

Where do you find inspiration?

Just being in Los Angeles is a huge inspiration. There is so much here that can surprise you from one day to the next. The neighborhoods, the people, the cultures. There is such a great mix of wonderful things here that it’s hard not to absorb different aspects of it all. Outside of that, gallery shows, museum exhibits, movies, television, music, books, and all forms of art influence me.

Who are some of your favorite designers or artists?

I like art and design across all mediums – painting, sculpture, graphic design, photography, street art, industrial design and architecture. I think one discipline informs another, and have always enjoyed all creative expression. Some of my favorites are Jerome Witkin, Ellen Von Unwerth, Damien Hirst, Patrick Clair, Kaws, and Florence Knoll.

Do you have a favorite among all the projects you’ve worked on?

My favorite project is almost always the newest project that I am working on..

Is there a project that stands out to you as having been the biggest challenge of your career so far?

Every project has its own challenges. Some are creative, some are technical and some are personal. I think the biggest challenges that I or any designer has to face are balancing the desires of the client with the vision in your head, while at the same time trying to find a way to technically execute all of these things into something that looks great.

What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

I always strive to get better at what I do. I always want to keep learning and finding new things that excite me. I hope to never be complacent.

What’s your best advice for designers today?

Look at all the work from other designers and artists that you can. Always be curious and never be afraid to try new things.

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