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Typography is a crossroads of writing and design that has the potential to elevate both. The right typeface can make the messages pop, give a thematic boost, or provide a meaningful contrast with the words themselves.

In capsule form, as fonts, typography may be one of the easiest things to market. Like architecture, fonts are accessible to would-be admirers without any technical knowledge. And all you really have to do is show someone a font in use for them to know instantly if and why they love it.

Fonts are a beloved staple of the creative arsenal, and the more fonts to choose from, the better. But the real secret weapon? Type designers. By the time any of us a font, a type designer somewhere has already invested hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours in our projects.

Some great fonts do just offer the alphabet, and a set of lowercase if you’re lucky. But at the other end of the scale are epic efforts like Liza Pro (above), with 4000 distinct characters. And any script by Argentina’s prolific Alejandro Paul – like Feel Script (below) can be expected to contain more swashes and alternates than you can tab through in a single session.

Labors of love that supercharge your labors of love.

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