Weekends Just Got Better for Design Aficionados

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It’s with great pleasure that we announce a new regular contribution from Steven Heller, mastermind behind the Daily Heller. You’ll soon start seeing the Weekend Heller, a roundup of more design knowledge and behind-the-scenes info about the design galaxy and its inhabitable stars. It’ll be just enough to stave off your need for additional design news (and some views) through the weekend, or at least until a new Daily Heller arrives to your inbox on Monday morning (Sign up now!).

Weekend Heller

With this change, Heller will be posting to Imprint once a day (formerly twice a day), except for when the Weekend Heller releases on Friday afternoons. This weekend edition will contain much of the exclusive design lore that Heller has been offering through his afternoon posts.

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Steven Heller

Steven Heller is the author, co-author, and editor of more than 100 books on design. He was an art director for the New York Times for more than 33 years and is currently co-chair of the MFA Designer as Author Department at SVA.