Vintage Design & Canvas Prints—From Art Nouveau to Pop Art Perfection

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Canvas prints are unique among today’s wall decor formats. Like acrylic or aluminum prints, canvas prints are produced using the very best of modern technology—but canvas’ basic design has stayed unchanged not for decades, but centuries.

It’s this combination of the best of old and new that makes canvas the perfect match for vintage designs. The timeless virtues of canvas—real fabric wrapped by hand over a wood stretcher—brings to mind a Parisian garret as much as a contemporary photo gallery.

Meanwhile, the appealing textured surface of the canvas itself is uniquely forgiving of those little imperfections in any vintage picture, emphasizing charm while minimizing flaws.

Poster Art Plus

If you’re an admirer of vintage poster design, there couldn’t be a better format than canvas to print a classic image. Canvas prints are as supple, organic and appealingly raw as paper, but come with some obvious advantages.

Canvas is much more hard-wearing than paper—even before it’s stretched on a sturdy frame. The color retention of posters leaves much to be desired, but canvas prints from a respected provider like are printed with HP Latex Inks, which come with built-in UV resistance.

So if you always thought that Toulouse-Lautrec’s classics of Golden Age poster design deserve a format that really lasts, you know what to do. Printed on canvas, those petticoats will whirl straight out of the Pigalle and into your living room, while an Art Nouveau advert for a particularly louche brand of cigarette will whisk you off to fin de siècle Budapest.

Mid-Century Majestic

The retro simplicity of canvas suits the bold and stripped-back style of postwar design just as well. You can bring a hint of nostalgic romance into any room with a well-chosen canvas print, calling to mind the opulent dawn of commercial air travel—or just a day trip to the countryside on the London Underground.

Canvas prints also offer superior ink absorption and stunning color saturation—a worthy match for the Technicolor glory of a mid-century movie poster. Whether it’s John Wayne riding across the Texan wilderness or Liz Taylor imperious on the prow of an Egyptian barge, with canvas you can achieve the glowing colors to match the epic sweep of classic Hollywood.

Pop Art That Really Pops

Throughout modern history, canvas has gone hand-in-hand with high art—and the postmodern movements of the last century are no exception. Try printing a Pop Art piece on canvas and you’ll achieve a dynamism and immediacy that can be summed up with a resounding Pow!

The canvas used by contains an exceptionally high degree of white, which contrasts with printed blocks of color to give them superb definition. You can expect speech bubbles that look ready to jump off the print—and cans of soup so lifelike, you won’t know if they’re the copy or the original.

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