Catch Up with Mauro Porcini in Our Latest Edition of PRINT Book Club

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Mauro Porcini has racked up some pretty impressive titles over the years. The PepsiCo Senior Vice President is also the company’s first ever Chief Design Officer, and GQ once named him one of the 30 Best Dressed Men in the World. He’s worked around the world, managed teams of all different sizes, and lived a rich life, and he’s put everything it’s taught him onto paper in his new book, The Human Side of Innovation: The Power of People in Love with People.

Yesterday, PRINT‘s own Debbie Millman and Steven Heller got up close and personal with Porcini to learn all about the how and why of his book. Porcini revealed that this “love story about design” is a collection of tips he wished someone would’ve told him; things he wrote with his daughter and coworkers in mind.

Porcini also spoke about why COVID was instrumental to his writing process, why he sees design as an act of love, and why true innovation is human-centered above all. He gives a bounty of helpful professional advice, like how to navigate sustainability, the necessity of kindness in any work environment, and the importance of compassionate audience engagement.

If you missed out, don’t fret! You can watch the conversation in full here and order Porcini’s book here. We’ll be announcing our next Book Club pick for December soon!