Staff Picks: What the PRINT Team is Loving This Week

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Here at PRINT, we’re all about stopping to appreciate small joys, whether it’s the feel of a beautifully embossed hardcover or the texture of an especially luxurious piece of chocolate. In this nascent column, our staff takes a break from turning the gears of our site to shout out something that’s made their weeks a little sweeter. Below, check out which reading materials, podcasts, and TV the PRINT team can’t get enough of right now.

Yellowstone season five


It got snubbed by the Emmys (again) but the world’s most popular television drama is back. Most important: Beth Dutton is as beautifully brutal as ever. —Debbie Millman, Editorial Director

Athalinthia: Seven Stories by W.A. Dwiggins

Fiction about a far off exotic place, authored and illustrated in color and black and white line by William Addison Dwiggins, compiled, designed and published together for the first time by Bruce Kennett Studio in Vermont. I savor the trade edition in paperback, typeset by Kennett in a digital revival of Calendonia, Dwig’s design for Linotype. A deluxe edition of 50 copies were produced too. —Steven Heller, Editor-at-Large

Veniani Brutti e Buoni chocolates

After years of living in a postage stamp in New York, having space to share with friends feels like a gift. Guests also always show up with something for the host, so the pleasure of their company is rarely the only gift of the night. A friend recently came to visit fresh from the Venice Biennale and brought a delicious box of snacks that was spectacularly graphic! She is an art curator, but also knows how much I love all things graphic design. Every part of her gift was design-worthy, and although I kind of didn’t want to eat them, I eventually ate every brutti e buoni morsel. —Laura Des Enfants, Publisher

The podcast It Girl Theory

If you also love overthinking pop culture, grew up at the turn of the century, and lean more femme on the gender spectrum, you will probably love the podcast It Girl Theory as much as I do. In this show, the extremely smart, funny hosts Kaitlin Gleason and Martha Fearnley dissect the appeal and legacy of generations’ worth of it girls, dating as far back as Joan of Arc to as recently as beloved late musician electro SOPHIE. They’re great at picking apart what makes any of their subjects so interesting, and it usually comes from the it girl’s proximity to or comfort with a topic considered taboo at the time of their rise. I’m still digging into the archives, but I’ve especially loved the episodes on Angelina Jolie and Pamela Anderson. —Sarah Fonder, Managing Editor

The podcast World Corrupt

With the 2022 men’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar just days away, I’m not alone in experiencing many conflicted feelings surrounding the tournament. On the one hand, I’m an avid, life-long soccer fan and player myself who relishes getting swept up in World Cup mania; the World Cup is the largest stage in world football, with the power to unite all of us globally as we watch the beautiful game. Yet on the other hand, FIFA is brazenly corrupt, and was blatantly bribed by Qatar to host this year’s tournament. Qatar is woefully unsuited to host a World Cup for a litany of reasons I won’t get into now. Instead, learn all about it in the podcast series World Corrupt, hosted by Tommy Vietor and Roger Bennett. I’ve been listening to it in preparation for the World Cup kickoff to better understand the history of FIFA’s corruption and what exactly is going on in Qatar. —Charlotte Beach, Feature Writer + Content Editor