2022 HITS: Make People Feel Something with Jake Karls of Mid-Day Squares

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PRINTCast: The PRINT Podcast Studio is a curated collection of cutting-edge podcasts we love about design, creativity, branding, books, and further subjects afield. Here’s the latest episode of Evolve CPG, a podcast about innovative leaders who are evolving the Consumer Packaged Goods industry by building better products and better brands to imagine a better world.

We are bringing back another of our most listened episodes from 2022. This time, we’re speaking with Jake Karls, cofounder and rainmaker at Mid-Day Squares, about their game-changing, show-everything style brand marketing and how he and his co-founders (his sister, Leslie, and brother-in-law, Nick) are committed to staying independent and true to themselves for the long haul.

Key Points of the Episode:

  • An introduction to Mid Day Squares and why they call themselves the first functional chocolate bar.
  • The reason why Mid-Day Squares wanted to build a modern-day Hershey.
  • The philosophy behind being a chocolate company that’s unapologetically themselves.
  • Why the lack of creativity limits innovation.
  • Jake’s thoughts on how brands can stand out by being themselves.
  • The beginnings of Mid-Day Squares.
  • The unique way Mid-Day Squares creates content about its journey and products.
  • Jake’s thoughts on why every individual needs to know their strengths.
  • Why partnerships need therapy.
  • How Mid-Day Squares chose its social media platforms.
  • The different kinds of content they make for each social media platform.
  • The power behind ‘controlling the microphone’.
  • The key to the authenticity factor.
  • Jake expands on the idea of not taking investors.
  • The lessons Jake has learned from his journey.