Deliver on Flavor & Sustainability with Alec Jaffe of Alec’s Ice Cream

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As public interest in sustainability grows, there are more and more consumers looking for ways to eat the foods they enjoy with less impact on the world around them. This means that today’s CPG brands are forced to innovate when it comes to both flavor and sustainability to meet the increasing demand for affordable, climate-friendly, and perhaps most importantly, delicious products. 

Today, we are joined by Alec Jaffe, the Founder and CEO of Alec’s Ice Cream, to learn how he created the world’s first and only Regenerative Organic Certified ice cream brand, which makes our planet a better place not only through the way it’s created but through the smiles it creates in turn! By tuning in, you’ll hear how Alec stumbled into the joys of making ice cream as a kid, the gut-friendly benefits of A2 dairy, and his advice for other impact-driven entrepreneurs to help them shift their perspective on adversity, plus so much more! 

Whether you’re a CPG brand or simply someone who likes to eat delicious food while being kinder to the planet, you’ll benefit from this fascinating conversation about building “feel-good, taste-good, do-good” brands. To find out why changing your habits doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods and how Alec is creating what he calls an ice cream utopia, be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The key to creating premium flavor profiles while also delivering on sustainability.
  • An understanding of what A2 dairy is and why it’s better for you.
  • What led Alec to become a Regenerative Organic Certified brand.
  • Why being “naive enough to try” played a vital role in the success of Alec’s Ice Cream.
  • Insight into what inspired Alec’s interest in sustainability and food systems.
  • How starting from scratch gave Alec’s Ice Cream a competitive advantage.
  • Reflecting on the growing A2 dairy trend (and the education that still needs to be done).
  • The surprisingly simple secret that makes Alec’s unique flavor combinations so tasty.
  • What tends to scare retail customers away from “weirder” flavor profiles.
  • Challenges that Alec’s Ice Cream faces as an impact-driven company.
  • The story of how Alec’s love for ice cream started with an elementary school project.
  • A look at Alec’s career trajectory: from sports to tech to CPG entrepreneurship.
  • What the future looks like for Alec’s Ice Cream and its innovative pints!
  • Alec’s advice for impact-driven entrepreneurs: prepare to persevere through adversity.