Importing Food Culture with Amy Zitelman of Soom Foods

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Although not particularly new to the US market, tahini has historically been found gathering dust at the bottom of the shelf in the international foods aisle instead of being celebrated in the kitchen for its versatility. 

Today we are joined by Amy Zitelman, CEO and Co-Founder of Soom Foods, to talk about the various culinary uses of tahini, why she and her sisters started importing it, and the sustainable, regenerative qualities of the sesame crop and supply chain. 

Tune in to hear from this inspiring entrepreneur who refused to allow the lack of evidence for a thriving tahini market in the US to deter her!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The role of consumer education when introducing products to a new market.
  • Why Soom Foods founders, Amy Zitelman and her sisters chose to import tahini into the US.
  • The rise of tahini in the national consciousness and its culinary versatility.
  • What differentiates Soom from other tahini brands in the US.
  • The importance of quality invariability in the US market.
  • The pros and cons of prioritizing product simplicity.
  • Soom Foods’ omnichannel sales approach.
  • The sustainable and regenerative qualities of the sesame crop and supply chain.
  • The advantages of regenerative agriculture.
  • How Amy and her sisters manage the marriage of family and business.
  • How the family dynamic permeates Soom’s company culture.
  • Why ignorance is bliss when it comes to starting a business.
  • The fine balance between trusting your intuition and calling on others’ perspectives.
  • The value of feedback.