Over 1 Million Meals Donated with Richa Gupta of Good Food for Good

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Could the for-profit, for-purpose model be the most sustainable business model for making an impact?

Today we are joined by Richa Gupta, Founder of Good Food For Good to share her entrepreneurial journey. She fills us in on her buy-one-feed-one business model and what inspired it, and shares her feelings on the non-profit model. We learn about her transition from fashion to food and what informed her approach to health and nutrition, before discussing the differentiating characteristics of impact-driven people. Tune in to learn how Richa is feeding the masses one delicious, nutritious sauce at a time!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What drove Good Food For Good founder Richa Gupta’s transition from fashion to food. 
  • Richa shares her feelings about the non-profit model.
  • The benefits of for-profit, for-purpose models.
  • What inspired Richa’s entrepreneurship journey and why she focused on nutritious sauces.
  • How her pregnancy informed her approach to health, nutrition, and mindset.
  • Why Good Food For Good focuses on organic, no-sugar-added, and vegan products.
  • Pumpkin seeds as a replacement for meat and legumes.
  • The addictive nature of sugar.
  • The inspiration behind Good Food For Good’s buy-one-feed-one business model.
  • What differentiates impact-driven people.
  • Richa’s proudest moment to date on her business journey.
  • Who inspired her to shift her relationship with money and set big goals. 
  • Richa’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.