Start with Health with Mark Samuel of IWON Organics

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Nutrition is key to living healthy but is a challenge due to the demands of work and life. Unhealthy snacks are what many people rely on to keep themselves energized throughout the day; often leaving them feeling tired, cranky, and hungry for more. What if there was a healthy alternative?

In this episode, we speak to Mark Samuel, the Founder of IWON Organics; a company providing people with healthy, organic meals and snacks that make people feel good. Mark has had a life-long obsession with health and fitness and is passionate about helping people make better meal and lifestyle choices. In our conversation, we discuss why a founder should be deep in the business, the motivation behind IWON Organics, and the importance of nutritional balance. 

We also learn about how Mark got interested in health and fitness, starting with the ‘why’ for your brand, and an exciting new concept helping people win together. Tune in and discover the world of healthy and guilt-free snacking with Mark Samuel!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We start with a brief background about IWON Organics.
  • The inspiration behind Mark’s passion for health and fitness.
  • Find out why Mark decided on healthy snacks for his product line.
  • Hear about the hard lessons he learned as an entrepreneur. 
  • Why being deeply involved with your business is an avenue for growth.
  • Mark explains his new concept of ‘winning together’ regarding nutrition.
  • He shares what got him hooked on weight training.
  • Hear how he ended up starting his own CrossFit gym.
  • Whether he competed professionally as a weight trainer.
  • Mark explains how following your passions is not always a good idea.
  • Outline of the previous companies he was involved with centered around fitness.
  • Why Mark chooses a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Find out if Mark was always passionate about health and nutrition.
  • We discuss the consequences of eating unhealthy food.
  • Reasons why eating unhealthy is a choice. 
  • The benefits of collaboration between business and community.
  • Advice Mark has for other founders and leaders in the industry.
  • Discover why Mark thinks health should be a priority for everyone.