This is a Prototype: Sarah Clearwater

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“[Design leadership] requires a level of self-awareness…that is unlike the vast majority of other business functions.”

In episode 3 of This is a Prototype, host Doug Powell take a slightly different approach to the format with the first “POV Edition.” Here he looks at design leadership through a more analytical lens with the help of a single guest who has a distinctive… point of view on the field.

In this first POV Edition, Doug speaks with design strategist, consultant, and community leader Sarah Clearwater, who he met on a recent visit to Auckland, New Zealand. Sarah is the founder of REFRAMR, a boutique design agency, and the instigator of the CX Collective, a vibrant community of designers and leaders in Auckland. She has also published Perspectives on Design & Leadership, an excellent report which surveys more than 25 design leaders across New Zealand and contains insights that extend globally.

Sarah and Doug explore the unique aspects of design in New Zealand, we discuss those important superpowers of design leaders, and we get into the often jarring transition design leaders face when going from “on the tools” to “on the team.”