Why Not All Salt is Real Salt with Darryl Bosshardt of Redmond

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Much has been said in the last few decades about salt and its effects on our health. And more recently, some of the claims around its dangers have come into question and been clarified.

Here on the show today is Darryl Bosshardt of Redmond, a company dedicated to making clean and natural salt more available to everyone. Our conversation centers on some of the misconceptions of the past and present, and what individuals should really be concerned about when considering their salt intake and general diet. We also get to discuss Redmond’s company history and values, and what sets them apart as an organization.

Listeners will come away with some fresh perspectives on this important piece of human history, as well as a clearer understanding of how to utilize salt’s benefits in their diet, so be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Darryl’s upbringing in Redmond, the family farm, and the historic sea beds of Utah. 
  • The truth about how salt effects on our health.
  • How salt and its usage have changed over the last hundred years.   
  • Recent studies on salt intake, and holistic approaches to nutrients.
  • Darryl talks about real salt and how our ancestors retained its health benefits.
  • Why salt cannot be classified as organic! 
  • Three questions to ask when purchasing salt; who, where, and what. 
  • The simple process that Redmond goes through with their salt.
  • A little about the other products that Redmond offers and the process for launching these. 
  • The company philosophy around intention and purpose at Redmond.  
  • Team activities and initiatives at Redmond; supporting morale and connection. 
  • Darryl’s thoughts on B-Corps and the next generation of business ethics.  
  • A closing wish from Darryl around intentionality and the future.