Resources for Sustainable Design-Paper Companies

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Resources for Sustainable Design: Paper Companies

By Jeremy Lehrer

Many companies offer paper made from varying amounts of post-consumer waste. If possible, use paper with the highest percentage of post-consumer content and made without elemental chlorine and processed chlorine, which cause ecological damage.

Cascades Fine Papers

Cascades offers papers made from 100 percent post-consumer material. The company’s operations are fueled largely by “biogas” collected at landfill sites.

Living Tree Paper

Living Tree carries paper that com-bines post-consumer recycled content with renewable fiber sources such as hemp and flax.


Some Monadnock paper is made from post-consumer waste, and the company purchases wind energy for a portion of its operations.

Neenah Neenah offers several low-carbon-footprint papers made from recycled content and alternative fiber sources. The company buys renewable energy for the production of some papers.

New Leaf Paper

New Leaf is the industry leader in creating papers made from post-consumer waste and in developing innovative approaches to paper manufacturing. The company uses renewable energy for its production operations.

Mohawk Paper

Mohawk sells several papers that are made from recycled paper, and the company gets 100 percent of its energy from wind power.

Legion Paper

Legion Paper’s selection of fine art papers include those made from bamboo, grass, and other tree-free sources.