A Love Letter to Vintage Ads, On Canvas

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Let’s be frank: When it comes to printed ads, they just don’t make ’em like they used to. Great examples of the craft can still be seen on billboards every now and then, but the golden age of physical advertising has moved on to the next medium. However, our affection for those classic styles is one thing that has not faded with time. And the photo printing experts at MyPicture.com.au offer the perfect way to celebrate them.

A History Shaped by Fierce Competition

Back when TV advertising was in its infancy, advertising posters could make or break a new product—even an entire firm. Making an impact on the thousands of passers-by who would glance at a billboard or other public piece every day was a massively important means of exposure … and exposure meant profit. That raised the stakes to unfathomable heights—you had fractions of a second to win someone’s attention.

Given the fierce competition back then (just look at photos of any city center in the mid-20th century), it was a craft that called for enormous skill and originality. That’s why many vintage ads could be considered true works of art in themselves. The artists paid extraordinary attention to detail in their quest to turn heads, transforming good pieces of creative into truly irresistible ones.

If you’re looking to decorate your home in a way that gives it real character, vintage ads are the perfect source of inspiration. And we think the perfect medium for displaying vintage-style prints is canvas prints from MyPicture.com.au.

The Spirit Lives On

The heyday of print ads may be in the rear-view mirror, but first-rate examples of advertising design can still be found today. The tradition of brilliance is best preserved by niche businesses, guerrilla marketers and a generation of enthusiasts who try to capture the raw essence of that original appeal. And this fits perfectly with our continued love affair with all things “retro.”

From the witty minimalism of the Volkswagen “Lemon” ads to the heart-warming images of 1950s America in classic Coca-Cola ads and the variety of billboards for diners and bistros, the golden age aesthetic is alive and well in bedrooms, offices and coffee shops around the world. And this is made possible in part by printing services like MyPicture.com.au.

Immerse Yourself in the Era the Simple Way

MyPicture.com.au has made custom photo printing simpler than ever before—and their service comes with a lowest-price guarantee for Australia. With such accessible pricing, quick turnaround times and the sheer variety of products and formats on offer, the online printing service is the right choice if you want to immerse yourself in design inspired by the era of classic advertising.

If you’ve got a soft spot for this aesthetic, this is your chance to really spoil yourself!