‘Brand Green Screen’ is a TikTok Account Holding “Sustainable” Brands Accountable

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100 Days is an annual project at New York City’s School of Visual Arts that was founded by Michael Bierut. Each year, the students of the school’s Master’s in Branding Program spend 100 days documenting their process with a chosen creative endeavor. This year, we’re showcasing each student in the program by providing a peek into ten days of their project. You can keep an eye on everyone’s work on our SVA 100 Days page.

Yelle started Brand Green Screen because no brand is 100% sustainable, which means that every brand can do better. Over 100 days, she uncovered one way that 100 brands can do better. This project has empowered her viewers to make educated choices, and even the brands have responded to her suggestions.

In every Brand Green Green video, Yelle critiques the sustainability initiatives of brands using one of 2023’s trendiest TikTok features, the “Green Screen,” because according to Pew Research, Gen Z and Millenials are talking about climate change more than older generations, and these younger generations are most active on TikTok.

If you’re interested in following or working with Yelle, you can keep up with Brand Green Screen on TikTok, reach out via email Helle@YelleBelle.com / Instagram @yelle_belle, or check out more work at www.YelleBelle.com.


🌱 Sustainable action critique of the @hellotushy toilet products. 🌱 Day 12/100 🌱 ecopreneur brandmanager brandstrategist 100dayproject greenscreenvideo svabranding tushy tushybidet bambooproducts bambootoiletpaper learnontiktok

♬ original sound – Yelle Belle

“Got my attention already girlll thank you for the love and the inspo! Will definitely bring this up to the team! Thanks for sharing!💩💩💦💦🍑🍑” –@hellotushy

“thank you! we’re working on 100% recycled materials 😊 stay tuned, its a world in progress” –@coachtopia

“Ahh, I had no idea Apple was so sustainable. That’s awesome!” –@erinmorris.co (IG)

“👏👏👏👏 TY for doing this one. Amazing job. People need to understand that the milk industry was never meant to be.” –@saraestatesails

“I actually subscribed to Misfit Markets after seeing this video!! 🤩” –@galacticblueprint


🌱 Sustainable action critique of the BP brand perception issues and how they’re probably doing better now. 🌱 Day 59/100 🌱 #ecopreneur #brandmanager #brandstrategist #100dayproject #greenscreenvideo #svabranding #learnontiktok #bp #beyondpetroleum #britishpetroleum #oilspill #cleanenergy

♬ original sound – Yelle Belle

“Thank you so much for the education!” –@dancewithvictoria

“the opposite of greenwashing: doesn’t advertise real environmental goods” –@sarxhscott

“You sold me!” –@ckramerrothman (IG)

“Yaaass girl, preach this!!🙌🏼💯” –@the_piecemaker_


🌱 Sustainable action critique of the @gucci environmental profit & loss accounting “EP&L” and its leather usage. 🌱 Day 7/100 🌱 #ecopreneur #brandmanager #brandstrategist #100dayproject #svabranding #greenscreenvideo #sustainableluxury #econyl #gucciequilibrium #sustainableleather #gucci

♬ original sound – Yelle Belle

“I feel like Gucci is one of the only lux brands that implemented sustainability without seeming forceful” –@goddesskorn