‘Forgotten Foodnotes’ Collects the Stories Behind 100 Favorite Recipes

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100 Days is an annual project at New York City’s School of Visual Arts that was founded by Michael Bierut. Each year, the students of the school’s Master’s in Branding Program spend 100 days documenting their process with a chosen creative endeavor. This year, we’re showcasing each student in the program by providing a peek into ten days of their project. You can keep an eye on everyone’s work on our SVA 100 Days page.

Have you ever thought about your favorite dish, and thought why? What it means to you? Who it reminds you off? Ria invites 100 different people to explore the “whys,” “whats,” and “whos” associated with these dishes, to uncover the sweet and spicy memories and recipes attached to them. Through this exploration, she aims to capture individual sentiments and stories related to food.

Ria Shah, is a Brand Strategist from New York City, born and raised in India. Growing up in a joint family, food was the one thing everyone bonded over, and it is how she connected with her grandmother in 2020 when she made a book about her. Forgotten Foodnotes takes the sentiment of how food can mean so much more than just eating, expanding into individual sentiments.

You can follow along and learn about the sentimental recipes from across India and the world at @ForgottenFoodnotes. You can learn more and contact Ria about collaborations or promotions at riaa.s.shah@gmail.com, or visit www.riashah.com


A woman of her grit, taught many how to cook, live and learn.

My first foodnote is dedicated to Dadi, who expressed love through food all her life.

A special birthday foodnote, Mine and Dhruva’s favorite meal in all of our existence since children is our Nani’s bhel.

The memory is simply an emotion.

Foodnote by: @dhruvishah95

Image caption: Foodnote 20/100

As a milestone of completing 20 days of doing this, this food item is probably the closest to my heart.

My Nani (grandmother) has been making these for me and my siblings all our lives, and when I moved out for undergrad she would send a box of this to me from wherever she was, and nothing has changed yet even after moving countries. (Just got my box last week)

For all the things food means to people, sukhdi is a common generational love language between me, Nani and her mother.

Foodnote by Nani! ❤️

Foodnote 29/30

A beautiful amalgamation of cultures, generations, family and it’s roots all packed in cute little perogies.

A heartwarming foodnote by: @amelia.of.all.things

Foodnote 39/100

A special one for all the moms that have always shown love in the smallest of things and have always made sure we’re never hungry, and always happy.

Through nearly 40 days of doing this project, the one thing that’s become more than crystal clear is every single thing in life is made better with mothers, grand mothers and their way of showing love through food.

Today’s foodnote is all about the love and the perfection of a cold, tangy, sweet and salty lemonade by Arti Fai for Priyanka Didi! ❤️

A Bhutanese delicacy, Ema Datshi is a fast, simple and unique dish discovered in the most unusual situations by Astha in the mountains of Sikkim.

Foodnote by: @asthavinash

Foodnote 56/100

The embracing of heritage and a celebration of flavors.

Heartwarming foodnote by: @fernando_andreazi and Manoela :’)

Foodnote 70/100 ❤️❤️✨

A Wacky Discovery, bringing excitement to the everyday

Cutest Foodnote by: @shantanugramopadhye

Foodnote 54/100

Mom’s unmatched magic: A quick, simple dish that defies recreation like hers.

Foodnote by: @sweety_shah1

Foodnote 50/100

Leaving home at 17 as a picky eater was not always the easiest, but I found comfort somewhere in SFS’s lanes, and Dosa’s became my go-to meal.

3 years later, even today the one thing I nearly and dearly miss is Anna and his Wife (the dosa vendor) and his always perfect 10 rupee dosas, which fulfilled me morning after morning, paired with a chai from across the street.