“Slices of Life Magic” Imagines a Cozy Personal Tech Utopia

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100 Days is an annual project at New York City’s School of Visual Arts that was founded by Michael Bierut. Each year, the students of the school’s Master’s in Branding Program spend 100 days documenting their process with a chosen creative endeavor. This year, we’re showcasing each student in the program by providing a peek into ten days of their project. You can keep an eye on everyone’s work on our SVA 100 Days page.

In her 100 Days project “Slices of Life Magic,” Jodie Wu challenges herself to see, hear, and feel something different from everyday life: from the conscious habits to the unconscious living in the comfort zone created by social and technological norms. She paints and animates ideas about the new experience elevated by a sense element, and matching a piece of music with the motion is always her pleasure.

Wu is a multidisciplinary designer and artist with eight years of professional experience in Industrial Design and User Experience. She’s at her best and happiest while learning and drawing ideas about new products and experiences. Originally from China, she’s lived in Pittsburgh and the Bay Area and is now exploring the magic of New York City.

【Handy note】

Want to jot down a quick note or an idea? Just tap on your desk.

【Media explosion】

Exposure of the time spent on disconnecting.

【Hydration cue – skin care】

Is your skin thirsty? Maintaining hydrated skin is more than drinking enough water. Knowing your skin condition and how to truly lock in moisture, will help you get a healthy skin effectively. What if the mirror 🪞 in your bathroom can tell if your skin has adequate hydration at cellular level?

【Hydration cue-Full body mirror】

Did you know if you are hydrated enough? What if the mirror 🪞 can tell your current hydration level?

【Hydration cue-ambient light】

Drink water before you realize that you are thirsty. A hydration cue delivered to you non-intrusively through a fluid lighting system in your living and work space.

【Summer in color】

Summer. The season of saturation.

Trees are bursting with vibrant greens, waves are crashing in deep blues and you find yourself wanting to match all this liveliness.

The inspiration of summer looks in selected radiant hues— each evoking a different mood.

【The Day Heel】

When was my last time wearing heels?Comfort is always the priority for my everyday footwear, especially when I need to commute. I never really learned to stand wearing high heels, but I do appreciate how Everlane’s Day Heel made me feel comfortable wearing them. And miss the yellow color, hope @everlane will have them back soon! Being a lady gracefully is good sometimes.

【 State of mind】

Special form resonates with your state of mind.

【Digital cooling】

When it’s a hot day, your touch screen knows to cool you down.

【48: Missing you】

A simple “I miss you” could be sent to your loved ones through the textile of your furnitures.