Highlights from 36 Days of Type 2023, Halfway Through the Challenge

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Anyone remotely tapped into the design world is giddy with excitement right now. Why, you ask? Because we’re in the midst of 36 Days of Type, of course!

The design studio Treintayseis‘ annual online challenge calls on typographers, graphic designers, and creatives of all stripes to create a letter (or number) for 36 days straight. With the help of the Latin alphabet and numbers 0 through 9, this project invites artists around the world to explore the boundaries of typography, flex their creative juices, and share their work with a supportive online community.

The 10th edition of 36 Days of Type 2023 launched on April 10 and will run through May 5, sponsored by the online platform Fontself. Now that the challenge is just about at its midway point, we’ve rounded up some of the boundary-pushing creatives who are contributing in especially exciting ways below.

Of course, this list merely scrapes the surface of all the innovative lettering connected to the challenge. We encourage you to explore the @36DaysOfType Instagram account and hashtag (#36DaysOfType)— and maybe even try your own hand at contributing!

Alexa Edgerton

Juls Crivellèr

Salvia Perez

Sara Bege

Badapple Studio

Shelley Davies

Swan Mouton

Apeksha Gupta

Thomas Wilson

Paola Alejandra González

Letteralle Studios

Benjamin Craven