A Calder of Type

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June Corley, a former art director, makes type sculptures. Gail Anderson, a veteran art director, who makes typography, has been ecstatic over them. That’s how I became acquainted with June’s playful typographic menagerie.

Here’s what June says: “I started making the type sculptures in December 2006 after moving from Atlanta into the woods, mainly to get through the holidays and to possibly give as gifts. I had collected old signage letters and letterpress blocks for years, displaying them on a wall at my house in Atlanta. When unpacking the letters here, they got all jumbled up on the floor and I started looking at them differently. It seemed like the sculptures created themselves right before my eyes, all I had to do was figure out a way to put them together. I created a dozen in almost a week.”

It is easy to see why these fantastical, Calderesque letters excite Anderson. Are there any type concoctions that excite you too? Answer below. And if you’d like to contact June, you can e-mail her here: junecorley [at] wildblue.net.