Absinthe Is An Impeccably Dainty Font By Manh Nguyen

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Absinthe, designed by Manh Nguyen, is a gorgeously delicate font that's light, airy, and perfect for the typographic usage of describing the most dainty things in life. Something about the extremely thin bars, also known as the horizontal lines of a letter, elevates this font further. In a way, it seems like using this font should be reserved for the most special occasions.

Absintio (lit. Absinthe) is an elegant, detailed transitional serif typeface created by Manh Nguyen, inspired by the process of distillation of Absinthe with grande wormwood, green anise, Florence fennel bulb with other herbs giving it the mystic color of green. Despite being the Transitional serif, Absintio sharpens its edges and ratio to bring out a modern, delicate and sensual beauty which resembles the fragrances and essential oils extracted by liquor, thus there's nothing more suitable than Absintio for feminine yet powerful designs of haute couture perfume, body care products or high-end alcoholic beverages. Absintio supports over 100 Latin-based languages including Vietnamese and is currently on

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Type Designer: Manh Nguyen

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