BRAMS Display Font is a Total Smokeshow

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It seems like typography is trending towards 70s-inspired design. Through various soft round shapes and sharp-angled strokes, Brams is a typeface that follows suit but with its own flair. Designed by ErgibiStudio, Brams is unique in that it takes inspiration from the past while simultaneously feeling contemporary. Ideal for headlines, editorial design, invitations, and menus, this typeface is perfect for adding a splash of life and personality. 

BRAMS Display Serif Font. This font has unique and sleek letterform, make it great to be used for modern and minimalistic design theme. The unique ligatures on serif makes this typeface cool and stands out rather than the regular serif font, perfectly for headlines, logos, posters, packaging, T-shirts,coffee shops, restaurants, magazine’s headers, signs or gift/post cards,cafe’s and weddings or any type of advertising purpose.

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