New Chameleon of Typefaces, Cotford, Uses Variable Technology For Extreme Adaptability

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Say hello to the newest typeface on the block, Cotford, from the typographic wizards at Monotype. This “pop serif for the digital age” was brought to fruition by a team led by Monotype Creative Type Director Tom Foley. It’s soulful, contemporary, and powered by variable technology for maximum adaptability. 

With a swanky promo video, Cotford is the chameleon of typefaces that’s one to watch.

As a “languid serif” variable font with 16 static weights, including five display and three text styles, Cotford offers thousands of additional options since designers can tweak and adjust it to pinpoint the exact weight, contrast, and size they need. That variability and adaptability help make Cotford a true celebration of simplicity, shape, and form.

“Cotford is something I have wanted to design since 2014,” Foley shared in a press release. “Looking back through my sketches since then, the idea kept resurfacing.” It’s also noteworthy that Foley developed most of Cotford during COVID lockdown, with the project becoming a much-needed and timely distraction for him. “It became a form of escapism for me, something I could immerse myself in and transform the anxiety of what was happening around me into something productive. In this way, it’s a deeply personal project,” he added.

Each curve of Cotford has been carefully considered across all optical sizes, be it thick or thin, so the typeface can flourish from micro digital touchpoints to vast out-of-home displays. It’s available now to all Monotype Fonts customers and can get purchased by others on MyFonts

The typeface’s tagline tells us that “Cotford takes you places,” and hell, we’re on board!