Craig Ward’s Brik Font Makes Us Wonder If We’re All In Search Of More Simplistic Design Afterall

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If you’re familiar with the history of typography, then you might know that Johannes Gutenberg invented Moveable Type, allowing letters to be rearranged as many times as the printer wished. 

Inspired and prompted by the process, type designer Craig Ward explores the art of typography by creating typefaces solely made from LEGOs. Manifested through Instagram, the project is titled Brik Font and examines how design and creativity flourish through limitations. 

While surprisingly not in partnership with LEGO, each new typeface was created to determine a classic LEGO typeface design. And while you can practically build everything else in the world by LEGO, it only makes sense that you could build a typeface. 

Scroll through the Brik Font Instagram account, and you’ll be blown away at the possibilities. While you might think that LEGO would restrict the designs to a block-heavy, square format, Craig has manipulated the pieces to create rounded edges and diverse structures. 

So, despite being faced with limitations, Craig’s designs have come to life, genuinely putting the boundaries of creativity to the test. Additionally, the modular design concept plays perfectly with the popularity of modular games such as Roblox and Minecraft. So, seemingly, maybe we’re all in search of a more simplistic world of design after all?