Five Font Foundries to Follow on Instagram

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Before the world was filled with palm-sized telephones, pages of emojis, compact computers, and endless swarms of digital tools, typography haven’t always been so accessible to the average designer. In the past, you’d have to purchase tools at a foundry, which often included wooden tools for hand typesetting or metal casts for typesetting machines.

Even in the midst of technological advances, font foundries have withstood the test of time, most often going from physical factories to the depths of the internet. While some type foundries keep their physical practices alive, most have transformed into websites that display and sell a vast range of fonts from various designers. Plenty of foundries also provide bespoke type design assistance for brands or individuals.

If you’re looking to create your own font, need typographic inspiration, or just want to keep up with type trends, check out some of our favorite foundries to follow on Instagram.

Pangram Pangram® Foundry | @pangram.pangram

Pangram Pangram has a knack for translating the latest design trends into forward-thinking typefaces. Throughout the foundry’s Instagram feed, you’ll find punchy colors, delightfully editorial photography, and exciting perspectives among the typography. This progressive foundry emphasizes accessibility in design, so you can try any font they make for free.

205TF | @205tf

The French type foundry 205TF works to bring together independent designers. Their gorgeous posts are a fertile inspiration resource, and they make sure to credit all designers and typefaces throughout. Their strong focus on variety results in an eclectic feed with a wide range of design styles and aesthetics. There’s certainly no lack of creativity from this account.

Zetafonts® Foundry | @zetafonts

This Italian independent type foundry showcases an extensive range of innovative, unique typefaces throughout their feed. They highlight character and wit with features like bright gradient colors and overly chunky lettering. Their typefaces manage to be unpretentious, wide-ranging, and beyond distinctive. Sometimes the foundry shares the backstory of their designs, like Erotique, a romantic, curvy font with a glitchy, fluid aesthetic.

Open Foundry | @openfoundry

Open Foundry is a free platform that shares curated fonts, and their Instagram account showcases contemporary typography and captivating designs. A majority of their posts display poster-style formats with a range of techniques and styles. Their designs are unique, highly modern, and cutting edge. Open Foundry’s robust account is sure to inspire new approaches to typography.

Nova Type Foundry | @novatypefoundry

This independent type foundry’s main focuses are creativity and education, which is abundantly clear throughout their Instagram feed. Their informative behind-the-scenes posts often provide details of geometric points within letters and share why specific typographic choices work. Nova Type has a sincere, approachable voice you can see throughout their welcoming Instagram feed.