It’s All In the Delicate Details: Fleuron Is a Refined Yet Free Floral Display Font

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When you stare at typefaces long enough, they seemingly begin to blend into one another. Not for lack of creativity, but there are simply so many ways to represent the same letters legibly. Not to say I don’t believe in the beauty and intricacy of typography because that is utterly false, but overlay sans-serif fonts on top of each other, and the majority of the letterforms will overlap. 

Now, Fleuron is a sans serif typeface that brings a new appeal to the art of typography. Designed by Mickaël Emile, this typeface comes in three different fonts: regular, dingbats, and a combined version. Through floral intricacies and dynamic design, this typeface is quite lovely and entirely different. Showcased in the embossed cards, the delicate and refined details come to life. Perfect for oversized typography or headlines, this floral font will surely make statements. 

Introducing Fleuron, a unique free floral display font created by Mickaël Emile
This product features 3 different fonts – the regular version, dingbats and a third that combines the regular glyphs with the dingbats.
Download this amazing free font now and create standout creative work for events, posters, logos, headlines, marketing, advertising & much more!

Project Credits

Mickaël Emile

Pixel Surplus