Monotype Launches New Foundry Program

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What if there was a new type of community for creatives?

Monotype®, the leading font license and management platform in the industry, has launched the Foundry Program. The platform empowers and scales the type community, giving independent foundries and type designers more opportunity to prosper from their art and millions of creatives increased access to be inspired by it.

Two years in the making, Monotype’s Foundry Program enables independent foundries and type designers with increased visibility to customers, a range of analytics tools and marketing features, and an enhanced royalty model to provide a consistent, scalable revenue stream. The program is free to join and designed to help partnering type designers realize the full value of their creative IP.

Monotype’s model speaks to several market factors, including the rise of technology that threatens creative IP and the increasing democratization of design across enterprises (and subsequent move away from single-point solutions to “type-as-a-service”). The platform also aims to serve the demands of Gen Z’s social media and influencer economy—fueled by the hyper-customization of personal brands—requiring agile and quick creative assets.

Over 1,000 foundries and type designers have signed up as Foundry Program partners pre-launch.

Read more about the Monotype Foundry program.

Foundries with questions about joining the Program should reach out here.