NB InternationalPro MMXXI Edition Pays Homage To Sans Serif Typefaces of the Past

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Designed by Neubau Berlin, NB International™ Pro is a typeface honoring international sans-serif fonts. In fact, there’s a particular reference to traditional letterpress printing through the design of each glyph. Every glyph was crafted with five units radius corners that, in turn, create soft and welcoming qualities that are ideal for both screens and print.  

The MMXXI Edition of NB International™ Pro comprises 11 typesets: Bold, Bold Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Regular, Italic, Book, Book Italic, Light, Light Italic and Mono.
NB International™ Pro designed by Stefan Gandl in 2012 was originally released as a type system of seven typesets with Neubau Forst Catalogue back in 2014. The typesets got extended with four additional fonts over the following years.

NB International™ Pro pays tribute to popular grotesque (sans-serif) typefaces of the ‘international style’ era. With a focus to detail and reference to traditional letterpress printing, each glyph was designed with precise five units radius corners. The result is a soft edged and warm characteristics that translates beautifully both in print and on screen.

Project Credits
Neubau Berlin