Parkipsum’s Is More Than Just A Placeholder. It’s A Lifesaver.

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There's 'Lorem Ipsum,' and then there's Parkipsum's. Advertising agency Wunderman Thompson Australia and non-profit Parkinson's NSW have worked together to bring a purposeful mission to text whose primary objective is to blend right in.

Designers, creatives, and web architects use filler text almost daily, so why not add awareness to their projects and increase early detection of Parkinson's Disease. It's the uncomplicated thought mixed with the powerful intentions that make this project a sincere winner.

Designers, creatives and web architects; they are just some of the people who see ‘Lorem Ipsum’ daily. Yet many don’t realise it derives from the Latin ‘dolorem ipsum’, roughly translated to ‘pain itself’ . Two words that people living with Parkinsons know all too well. In recognition of Parkinson’s Awareness Month, Wunderman Thompson Australia and Parkinson’s NSW have created Parkipsum’s – a Lorem Ipsum generator. Launched on World Parkinson’s Day, the tool changes the usual Lorem Ipsum dummy text to a variation that sheds light on the little-known symptoms of Parkinson’s, while also raising the importance of being aware of changes within yourself and others to increase early detection.

Project Credits

Advertising Agency: Wunderman Thompson, Sydney, Australia

National Chief Creative Officer: Simon Langley

Creative: Nick Doring

Creative: Kat Thomas

Digital Design Director: Dena Taiebat

UI Creative: Marvin Cheung

Senior Front End Developer: Joe Campbell

Partner: Ana Lynch

Engagement Manager: Rebekah O’Grady

Chief Executive Officer: Jo-Anne Reeves / Parkinson’s NSW

Marketing and Digital Manager: Mirelle Brockett