The Slussen Typeface Has a Classic, Mechanical Look That’s Accessible By Design

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Slussen is a mechanically bold typeface designed by Hugo Jourdan and Blaze Type. This typeface can mesh with a spectrum of imaginable designs and features 104 styles, six different widths, and eight weights. Slussen is inspired by classic mechanical design, so it takes legibility seriously. The accessibility of this font makes it ideal for either small body copy or massive implementations such as critical signage.

Slussen is a Neo-grotesque typeface well suited to tech and industrial companies. Slussen’s inspiration comes from rhythm and organisation of construction sites. It has a mechanical skeleton, characterised by outlines more angular compared to other Neo-grotesque. Combined with flat endings and a slight contrast in letterforms, Slussen has been designed to cover a very large range of uses, from small captions to huge titles. 

From Compressed to Expanded, the complete family is composed of 104 styles across 6 widths and 8 weights in order to fit all types and sizes of supports, both printed and on screen. Moreover, the family include a Stencil version in reference to construction sites, ideal for designing signage tools and a Monospace version which combined with the standard version, allows Slussen to be a strong font system. With these +1040 glyphs, Slussen cover all Latin European Languages.

Project Credits
Hugo Jourdan
Blaze Type