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New Typeface from Jeremy Tankard

Jeremy Tankard is publishing a new typeface. Named Hawkland, the typeface is Tankard’s 25th design. The design of Hawkland is rooted in the style of types from the latter half of the 18th century, known as Transitional.

This period and its typefaces bridge the gap between the Old Face designs, such as Caslon, and the more rigid Modern designs, such as Bodoni. Not being a revival of any specific type of the period, Hawkland freely incorporates sharper and more modelled details that give the type a timeless yet contemporary feel.

Hawkland typeface

Hawkland Specs

Hawkland is a versatile typeface with a range of weights from Thin to Black across two related families, all with extended character sets. The fonts deliver a crisp clear-cut look, perfect for editorial, brand and packaging or simply when a touch of classic finesse is needed.

Designed for text use, Hawkland has 12 fonts in roman and italic. Whereas, Hawkland Fine is tuned for larger use at headline and display sizes and includes 4 additional fonts in its family.

Hawkland comprises:

Thin, Thin ItalicLight, Light ItalicRegular, ItalicMedium, Medium ItalicBold, Bold ItalicBlack, Black Italic

Hawkland Fine comprises:

Thin, Thin ItalicExtra Light, Extra Light ItalicLight, Light ItalicRegular, ItalicMedium, Medium ItalicBold, Bold ItalicExtra Bold, Extra Bold ItalicBlack, Black Italic

Printed samples:

Both families are introduced through a specially commissioned printed sample. This glorious large format publication has been designed by Alistair Hall at We Made This. The sample has been produced in a short run. It measures 250 x 320mm and is available to buy at

Sample printed using multiple techniques by Westerham.

Font and Design Info

The full character set is available to view online at together with the ability to test many of the advanced typographic features included in the fonts. The font info PDF and demo fonts can be downloaded here as well.

More information about the design of Hawkland can be found here along with development sketches and references that place the typeface design in historical context.

About Jeremy Tankard Typography

Jeremy Tankard established his type foundry in 1998 after working in corporate design for several years. His typefaces have gained a reputation for their originality and quality. In addition to his own foundry, Tankard has produced designs for Microsoft and Adobe as well as many bespoke corporate designs. Information about the font collection is available at and the design stories behind each of them, together with commissioned work, can be read at