Top Five Super Specific Typography Accounts To Follow On Instagram

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If you haven’t already started one or all of the courses from our Top Five Typography Courses post, don’t fret, this post will inspire you to get learning about the art of type faster than you can recite your “ABCs.”

Below, you’ll find five inspiring Instagram accounts surrounding the technique of typography. But this is no ordinary list of font fanatics, as each account is home to a different pocket of the art form, with a distinct, hyper-focused level of inspiration. Typography is so personal, and every letter and font can be hyper stylistic or mundanely simple, but depending on the designer, there is always a touch of revelation and flair.

an ode to the letter g | @linksandlooptails

Calligraphy and lettering artist Ellie Heywood created this account to celebrate the quirks, curves, and charm that surrounds the form of the lowercase “g.” I bet you’ve never stopped and stared at a letter designed in different formats over and over again until your eyes felt crossed. I certainly hadn’t until I met this designer, and now I want one for every single letter. The detail and charm carved out a little space in my heart for the lowercase g, and it’s so lovely it hurts. A different artist designs each letterform, so the designs within this feed are eclectic and one of a kind.

Christian P. | @a_letter_a_day

Back in 2017, Christian used this account to design a letter every day for the entire year. From there came a collection dedicated to the art of letterforms, and each post takes you into a new world, with its unique designs and zesty quirks. The color combinations and textures are always on point, so much so that I’m a little jealous of the creativity within Christian’s mind. It’s a healthy kind of jealousy, though, so don’t worry.

ampersand love | @ampersandlove

The ampersand holds extraordinary power in the typographical world. So much so that brands often forgo the word “and” and include iconic ampersands in their branding system. Think Moet & Chandon or Dolce & Gabbana.

The ampersand is lovely, loopy, and can get designed in a multitude of ways. Ampersand love is an Instagram account that curates different ampersand designs and showcases the many various ways the icon can be composed. There are textured 3D designs that almost look like floating toothpaste, a layering of all different fonts on top of each other to make one experimental design, and everything in between.

Women Of Type | @womenoftype

Women of Type is an account showcasing typography and lettering created solely by women. The remarkable aspect of this account is that there’s not one typographic style featured; it’s a collection of different designs, color palettes, and a sense of humor. Everything from typographic layouts of inspirational words such as “My body my rules,” to a fuzzy design reading “Fuck💙U” in a rainbow color scheme. Essentially, this account is women lifting women through great design and fun typography.

Type Specimens | @typespecimens

One of the most frustrating things about finding great typography in print means that finding a specific typeface is never a simple task. Some apps can help, but they often don’t give you the actual font and definitely don’t give you the history or story behind the chosen typeface.

Type Specimens is an Instagram account giving folks what they want and need. Each post on their feed explains the designer, typeface used, and often a fun fact about both in the caption. Not only will this feed give you visual inspiration, but it’s highly educational and a great tool for designers to keep in their back pockets.