Type Tuesday: Grilli Type’s GT Ultra is Chunky and Funky

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Grilli Type is a type foundry known for making type with a point of view. The foundry’s latest typeface GT Ultra is a decorative font with influences from the 70s and 80s. Acting as both a sans serif and serif font, to say that this typeface is dynamic would be a vast understatement. While sleek, GT Ultra is packed with personality, making it perfect for headlines, display text, branding projects, and more.

Stated as being a “chunky, funky, maxed-out type” from the foundry, we couldn’t agree more. We’re rating this one high points for legibility balanced with character.

Grilli Type’s latest release is informed by the decorative flare serif typefaces of the 1970s and ’80s. GT Ultra is a variable font that functions as both sans and serif with true italics, dynamic weights, and geometric construction. It challenges its own definition while questioning the typographic expectations of traditional sans and serifs.

Designer Noël Leu put his compositional expertise to the test for GT Ultra, combining a little bit of calligraphy, a little bit of geometry, and a lot of sleek refining power to give us a carefully crafted new typeface. GT Ultra consists of 33 styles and three subfamilies, and includes GT Ultra Ultra—a chunky, funky, maxed-out type that puts a contemporary spin on disco-era display text.

Grilli Type is an independent Swiss type foundry, started in 2009 by Noël Leu and Thierry Blancpain. What began initially as a university project grew into a seven-member team championing type design from Switzerland to Germany to New York City.

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