Type Tuesday: MADRID’s Eclectic Letterforms

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Behind Acmé Paris' font Madrid is inspiration taken from vintage posters from the Spanish Civil War. The typefaces seen on these posters were created by hand and therefore imperfect, but it was in these imperfections that Acme saw the vision. The font Madrid's letterforms feature this same quirky and beautifully wonky aesthetic that makes the typeface both vibrant and expressive.

While this typeface can most definitely be used for posters, graphics, and designs, its original intention was to use it for the communication materials for the literary festival Les Rencontres de Chaminadour. This year's invited writer happened to be Lydie Salvayre, and because of her use of "Fragnol," a mix of Spanish and French, it only made sense that the design for the even was just as eclectic as the main speaker's writing style.

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Acmé Paris | @acme_paris