Typeface Balneario Script is Both Timeless and Nostalgic

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Mar del Plata is a resort found by the sea in Argentina. Inspired by the relaxing, joyful, and happy feelings that emit from the seaside retreat, Balneario Script is a font that emanates these same positive feelings.

Designed by TEG Estudio, it is a font perfectly designed for headlines, signage, and indeed anything intended to catch someone's eye. Somehow both nostalgic and timeless, this typeface will always speak to feelings of memories in the sweet summertime.

This typeface was born as a tribute to Mar del Plata, a seaside resort known as “La Feliz”: the epicenter of summer vacations in Argentina, a classic destination for those who seek to enjoy the beach, food, walks and architecture. In Mar del Plata feelings of joy and nostalgia converge, waves that will be forever portrayed on postcards, like a memory that resists the relentless passage of time.

Project Credits

TEG Estudio

Panco Sassano

Ale Paul