Boke! Is The World’s Most Exclusive Font

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We've all heard of shoe drops, but I bet you've never heard of a limited edition font drop. Skep Studio is bringing the adrenaline rush to the world's font lovers with the special release of their latest font, Boke!

This elite font is bold and inspired by the classic woodblock typeface. While it might be simple, it's still full of character. The first 50 people and/or studios will receive the font shipped to them via flash drive at no cost. They're promising that this font will never be available as a digital download or be for sale in the future, so if you're able to get your hands on it, you'll have the rights to what might be the world's most exclusive font.

London design studio Skep have released their latest project, a typeface with a unique twist. ‘Boke!’ is the world’s first truly limited edition typeface and will only ever be in the hands of 50 designers/studios, available on a first come-first served basis. Boke! is physically shipped in a hand-numbered box containing a USB stick, never available as a digital download anywhere else.

Designer and creative director Chris Smyth explains his thoughts behind creating the project. “The limited edition space is particularly pertinent with designers, but for some reason has failed to ever really translate into the world of type. What if a typeface existed not for commercial gain for its font foundry, however purely to explore a little piece of typography history? This is the space that we bring ‘Boke!’ into the world. A condensed bold, classic woodblock inspired typeface which we believe could really be the world’s first truly limited edition typeface. Available as a free gift to the first 50 individuals/studios and it even has free postage, packaging and shipping. It will never be available as a digital download or for sale anywhere else in the future.”

Co-founder of Skep, Josh Hailes, explains the shipping process. “We are giving away ‘Boke!’ for free to 50 designers mainly because we believe there is something special about it, and we’d like to see people treasure it in the way we do. Each package will be shipped on a physical USB stick and in a hand-numbered box. Each digital font file will come with a unique number stamped into the file and registered to the recipient. All we ask is if you are one of the lucky 50 then we’d love to see what you create with it!"

Font Spec:

Uppercase Only

Font Style: Condensed Bold

Inspiration: Classic Woodblock

Weights/Family: Two weights Boke! Bold and Italic – both inc.

Cost – Free

Boke! is available for free only from here. Once they are gone, they are gone. It will never be released as a digital download on any font foundry.

Project Credits

Skep Studio