Doctors Are Stressed, And BBC’s Billboard For New Show ‘This Is Going To Hurt’ Encapsulates Why 

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According to the British Medical Association, the number of UK doctors now wanting an early retirement has more than doubled in less than 12 months. This is all to say what we already know—doctors worldwide are experiencing mass burnout because of the pandemic. 

Following in the footsteps of Shonda Rhimes and every other great hospital binge machine, BBC has announced its newest show, This Is Going to Hurt. The dramedy follows an OBGYN working to manage the disorder and fatigue of hospital life. 

To celebrate the show’s arrival, the British broadcaster’s in-house collective, BBC Creative, designed a billboard in London out of 300 working pagers. 

The billboard is adorned with LED lights and speakers to reproduce the buzzing sounds that closely mimic the overstimulating life that doctors experience, even after they walk out the doors for the day. In addition, the pagers showcase an array of messages such as “no sleep” and “double shift” that showcase the stress and anxieties that doctors deal with daily. 

And while there’s endless thought that went into the design of the billboard, the aesthetic, when viewed from afar, is quite simple. The scrub-inspired blue background and sans-serif typeface, made out of pagers, of course, is simple to read and easy to dissect.
If you live in London, you’re in luck, you can see the ad until February 27, and you can stream the medical show on BBC iPlayer.