Pentagram Partner Marina Willer Designed The Vivid Identity For Manuvo

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Based in Mexico, Manuvo is a company that helps make applications and digital media accessible to all communities. Recently, the brand worked with Pentagram partner Marina Willer to create a new identity that could grow with the program, opportunities, and international partnerships. The result is a vivid, moving language that promotes culture to motivate change and social progress. 

Founded in 2010, Manuvo is a technology company based in Mexico. It transforms cultural resources into applications and digital media, making them accessible for people from marginalised communities in different parts of the world. Manuvo believes that this sharing of cultural knowledge can lead to social change, help fight inequality, elevate those in need, and tackle climate change. 

A leader of digital innovation, from 2010 to 2018 Manuvo established itself as a strong brand within the cultural sector. During this time it constructed an impressive portfolio of 300+ projects and won ten international awards. Its goal was to utilise Mexico’s cultural wealth to promote economic growth and social development, working on two main challenges: firstly to protect Latin America’s rich cultural heritage, and secondly to bring arts and culture into public education. 

From 2021, Manuvo looked to create a movement based on the belief that culture can be used as a catalyst for change, empowering cultural leaders and educators, and transforming the lives of people who need it most.

Pentagram was approached by Manuvo to design a new brand identity system to coincide with its next phase of growing its program, its opportunities and its international partnerships.

Pentagram designed a visual identity, including logotype, logo animation, typography, colour pallet, graphic language and composition. The brand needed to work across Manuvo’s various services from educational courses to experiences, as well as reflect the accessibility of Manuvo’s numerous online resources. 

Manuvo’s apps and programmes create building blocks for the education of marginalised communities, this principle was carried through to the identity by building the entire system out of moving parts. These blocks were used across the brand to create not just the logo but a moving language, from illustrative patterns to infographics.

The vibrant colour palette suggests Manuvo’s bold new vision, framing culture and education as a catalyst for change. The project uses the typeface Degular, designed by James Edmondson and published through OH No Type Co. The typography is a modern twist on the conventional that matches Manuvo’s goals to innovate education. The design team also created an eye-catching animation using Manuvo’s colourful shapes for use across its website and social channels.

Pentagram’s playful new identity for Manuvo will help it further establish and share its valuable resources, promoting the idea that culture is the catalyst that can inspire change and create social progress. 

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