Start Your Entry Now to Lock in the Lowest Pricing

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Why Wait?

The early bird gets the worm. So pay for your PRINT Awards entries now, and then finish the actual submissions later—no matter when you complete your entry, you’ll have locked in the best pricing!

On September 20, the regular rate for entries expires, so even if you don’t have time right now to fill out the whole entry form, you can register, and then finish the entry before prices go up in the fall.

The PRINT Awards call for entries opened July 30 and runs until October 16, 2020, with escalating pricing tiers as we get closer and closer to the deadline. Student fees remain the same throughout the entire entry period, and entries to the Citizen Design Award and Adobe Dimension Design Award are always free.

Don’t miss your chance to lock in a great rate and participate in the 2020 PRINT Awards—with historic recognition and a host of brilliant prizes, it could be a great way to close out a most-challenging year.

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