The Top Five Designers To Follow On TikTok

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This was certainly one the most challenging follow pieces I’ve ever written. And not because I couldn’t find any fantastic graphic designers on TikTok, but because I continued to get sucked into the app’s blackhole-like qualities. I don’t know if it’s the cleverness, the intricate algorithm, the music, or all of the above, but there’s a secret sauce to TikTok that sucks you deeper and deeper with no chance of digging yourself out. 

If you’re in search of a time suck or have more self-control than me and are simply looking to discover new designers to follow, I’ve found five graphic designers (and one bonus plug) you should be following on TikTok. Each showcases different tools, tips, and tidbits of inspiration that will have you clicking “follow” immediately.

Nick Q | @nickq83

If you’re at all interested in learning how to sharpen your design skills or want to learn new tools within the design space on all platforms, Nick is your guy. Not only are his tips insightful and extremely easy to follow, but he’s beautifully blunt in his delivery. For example, in his tutorial on how to make a festival poster inspired by the When We Were Young poster, he joking says, “Just do whatever the fuck you want, put strokes on ’em, stick ’em anywhere on the poster, who cares.” Plus, the high-quality videos he products make you want to keep scrolling and scrolling into infinity.


Can’t select your shape? It might be a clipping mask. Object > clipping mask > release #graphicdesign #adobeillustrator #graphicdesigntips

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Kohi Design | @kohidesign

Kohi Design is a TikTok account that is relatable to all graphic designers. For example, Serena’s account shares all the TikTok trends with a graphic designer spin through her minimalistic and aesthetic feed think top TikTok sounds paired with designer-inspired jokes. Plus, some of her videos ever share free resources, including gorgeous free typefaces and the best fonts to use on Canva. Definitely give Serna a follow if you’re looking for inspiration to become a freelance graphic designer, she’ll give you just the kick you need to get started.

Mads | Design & Illustration | @madisoneatscake

Based in Oklahoma, Madison is behind the TikTok account @madisoneatscake. Not only does this account inspire you to go outside your comfort zone when it comes to design, but there’s also humor infused into every video. For example, Madison pokes fun about being a “yearbook” kid turned designer in one video, and with 11.4k views, she’s certainly not the only one. Inclusive of branding, packaging, and illustration, no matter what kind of design you’re looking for, Madison either has advice, resources, or humor regarding it.

Lugi Design | @lugidesign

Lucy is a brand and website designer living in South Wales, UK. While utterly talented at design, Lucy is a TikTok master. Sharing Illustrator and Photoshop hacks, it’s refreshing to see a designer share insights instead of keeping them from others. Lucy’s inclusive account cultivated through her TikTok is the ideal account to follow if you’re looking to learn how to up your design game or want to discover design resources that aren’t super well known.

SWOOP NEBULA | @swoopnebula

If you’re looking for a design account that uploads everything from tutorials to design-related history lessons, you’ll want to check out this account. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the account known as “SWOOP NEBULA” has videos such as “7 Artists every Graphic Designer should know about,” “3 Photoshop Shortcuts you probably didn’t know about,” and “7 Must-watch Netflix Movies and Shows for Graphic Designers.” Educational, inspiring, motivating, and just downright informational, absolutely give this account a follow if you’re looking for any and all design-related content.


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Good Sans Serif Typefaces to use on your next Poster Design. 💫

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The Dieline | @thedieline

Plugs, baby! For total transparency, I run The Dieline’s TikTok account. The Dieline’s TikTok is all about showcasing packaging design, making sense as it’s one of the longest-running and most prominent packaging design websites. So whether it be an unboxing video or showcasing the latest and most extraordinary packaging design, you’ll find it on The Dieline’s account. The Dieline’s TikTok is a must-follow for fans of branding and packaging design.


@Last Crumb cookies are quite literally the sexiest cookies you’ll ever find 🥵 #thedieline #packaging #packagingdesign #unboxing

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