This New Platform by a Beverage Brand Invites You to Help Them Rewild

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Sometimes, the pace of climate change can feel so overwhelming that it’s easy to feel like there’s not much we can do to slow it down. While buying ethically helps, there’s not a lot of information out there about what to do next.

UK beverage company innocent and London design studio ShopTalk provide an excellent example of where to step in with their new digital platform The Big Rewild. This charming, intuitive app not only provides concise information about innocent’s sustainability efforts, but invites consumers to take part. Green tones and leafy design emphasize the project’s passion for nature, while games, easter eggs, and witty illustrations add a sense of play and optimism. This fun, accessible educational hub shows how brands can hold themselves accountable and empower consumers at the same time.

ShopTalk designs digital platform as part of innocent’s new campaign: the Big Rewild

London-based design and brand studio ShopTalk has partnered with innocent to create a digital platform as part of the Big Rewild, innocent’s new campaign inviting drinkers to support rewilding efforts.

ShopTalk created a digital hub which forms an integral part of the digital toolkit for innocent’s campaign content – from core information on carbon reduction plans to rewilding inspiration and activities. The interactive site sits alongside innocent’s digital strategy, limited edition pack and OOH advertising to bring together the campaign and drive strong awareness and support for the rewilding initiatives that innocent is enacting within its business and beyond.

ShopTalk’s design is built to delight and engage people, with an emphasis on assets that encourage interaction and participation – first online and then in the community. One stand-out element is the “Spin the bottle” game, which prompts users to spin an innocent orange juice bottle to receive a random challenge that inspires them to take an action toward rewilding and saving the planet.

The design overall captures the attitude of the Big Rewild project – leaning into green tones, natural textures, and interactive elements. Quizzes, maps, interactive easter eggs, and a dynamic counter that tracks the trees planted in orchards as part of the campaign infuse innocent’s recognisable playful-yet-informative positioning into the platform for a brand experience that’s both inspiring and reinforcing.

James Wood, Creative Director and co-founder of ShopTalk says: “We were brought on to develop the digital platform which demanded translation of incredibly complex material into a playful, easy-to-understand user experience. The Big Rewild hub is designed to inform and inspire people to learn more about innocent’s rewilding projects and get involved in the campaign. We’re proud to have partnered once again with innocent and helped them bring the Big Rewild to life.”

This campaign comes off the back of ShopTalk’s recent redesign of innocent’s website with the brand’s commitment to reducing its carbon emissions in mind. The resulting addition of a “green switch” allows site visitors to opt into an energy saving version of the website – an effective way to reduce the site’s overall carbon footprint.

The Big Rewild, as well as innocent’s new website, are now live.