What Matters to Kevin Perry

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Debbie Millman has an ongoing project at PRINT titled “What Matters.” This is an effort to understand the interior life of artists, designers, and creative thinkers. This facet of the project is a request of each invited respondent to answer ten identical questions and submit a nonprofessional photograph.

Kevin Perry is a designer, educator, and organizational leader in Salt Lake City. He’s inspired by the far-flung wilds of the American West and the feel of the air as he cruises on his trusty e-bike.

What is the thing you like doing most in the world?

Exploring a new city/town/country with no agenda!

What is the first memory you have of being creative?

Probably around 6-7 years old— making the most complex, creative Lego buildings.

What is your biggest regret?

I regret not pursuing art more in college (not just design).

How have you gotten over heartbreak?

The closest thing to heartbreak I’ve had is losing loved ones, including my grandparents and my dog. I don’t think you ever get over that kind of heartbreak, but I don’t shy away from a good cry.

What makes you cry?

Everything! I cry to most everything in everyday life. Music, movies, even commercials. Just try to watch the opening to the movie UP without shedding a tear!

How long does the pride and joy of accomplishing something last for you?

While it probably stays in the back of my mind for a while, I should probably strive to take more time celebrating accomplishments. Unfortunately, it seems like our world is built on moving on to the next big thing. I’m going to take this as a prompt to sit in accomplishment a little longer!

Do you believe in an afterlife, and if so, what does that look like to you?

Google Ethan Hawke’s answer in his interview with Stephen Colbert.

What do you hate most about yourself?

While Covid has helped with this, I don’t use my time well enough to prioritize my creativity. And once I do, I get exhausted easily and feel like I’ve run out of time and need to move on to other things. I hate that I find it hard to make enough time for creative expression.

What do you love most about yourself?

When I think back as far as I can remember, I recall always having a mental awareness and consciousness of who I am. And it’s the same feeling today. With that comes self acceptance and a calmness. While the world gets busy and often prevents us all from living in the moment, I love that I’ve always been naturally set up for this balance.

What is your absolute favorite meal?

Cheese Enchiladas, Chips & Guac!