3 Cool Print Collateral Ideas

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by Andrew Seymour of Pinksheep Printing

Been to a networking event or design conference recently? The chances are you came away with more than a handful of business cards. Sure, some of them might have been fancy, with clever copy and cool graphics. But we bet most of them were plain and simple, because they pretty much always are.

In fact, we reckon the only time you’ll hold onto one of those simple, uninspiring business cards is when you know for sure you’re going to need the services of the person or company they belong to. In every other instance, a basic, low-cost card is heading for one place and one place only: your trash can.

But the next time you make a business card with the intention of shouting about your services, make sure you really do shout about them. A black and white credit card-sized card just isn’t going to cut it. So here’s what you could try instead:

Printed Beer Mats

Beer mat-sized ‘business cards’ offer a similarly cost-effective way to market your company – and the good news is you don’t have to own a pub or nightclub to sell your services in this way. The trick here is simply grabbing the attention of your customers, who’re more likely to hang onto a business card they can actually use (a beer mat acts as an office tea coaster too!) than a card they’ll push into their wallet and possibly forget about. Think about the message you want to get across; with a beer mat-sized business card, your word count is fairly modest, so it’s important to make each word – and character – count. Talk to a printed beer mats specialist and see what they can do for you.

Print Collateral

Playing Cards

Now, you thought an office coaster was a handy little item to have around, what about a business card that also acts as a deck of playing cards? When you think about it, this kind of business card has the potential to reach a handful of would-be customers. Try handing out a customized playing card box or two out with your playing cards at networking events. Why? The next time your potential client breaks them out for a quick game of poker, it could well be at a house party – ensuring your products are instantly marketed to half a dozen people or more. Result!

Print Collateral


Looking to host a company event that’s open to the public? Perhaps you want to make people aware of news or offers? A postcard is another option for you and your business; it’s a low cost marketing technique which also offers a little more space to work with when it comes to copy. Think creatively and you’ll make your customers sit up and take notice – for all the right reasons. Why not look into customized postcards, too, which can be personalized with customers’ names?

Print Collateral

Like these ideas? Take a look at the winners of Print’s Regional Design Annual for other great ideas and make your next marketing stunt a winning one.

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