Design Bracket: Which is the Best Democratic Candidate Logo?

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Contorted flags! Familiar slab serifs! Unexpected pops of color! Stylized “2020s” galore!

As the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates battle it out on debate stages across the country … why should the Democratic candidate logos get off easy?

It’s time for a bracket!

Since there are 12 candidates left as of Jan. 29, things aren’t as tidy as an 8- or 16-team bracket, so we’re using a 12-team single-elimination bracket (pictured below). That means that four candidates get a bye for the first round. Using the latest polling data, we determined the top seeds—Biden, Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg—and the lineups of the first rounds in the tournament.

First up, we have:

Round 1: Tom Steyer vs. Tulsi Gabbard

Round 2: Mike Bloomberg vs. John Delaney

Round 3: Andrew Yang vs. Michael Bennet

Round 4: Amy Klobuchar vs. Deval Patrick

Voting on this round is open until Monday—at which point Biden, Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg will take on the winners. Forget politics for a moment, and focus on the best design (or maybe “better design” … or “least problematic” or …)

To the victor go the spoils!*

*There aren’t any spoils. Just highly subjective highfalutin design props.

Back Monday with the next round!

In the meantime, vote here:

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