Type Tuesday: Geometric Arabic Typographic Bliss

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For the past three years, Mohamed Samir has been on a mission: to show how design from the Arabic world can impact and enrich the global scene with its unique and brilliant aesthetic.

So far, he has taken a three-pronged approach that skillfully blends Arabic typography and geometry: two series of posters, three exhibitions (Chicago Typeforce11, Sharjah Rasm, Dubai Fully Booked), and the branding of Nike’s largest store in the world, located in Dubai.

“I've seen how the effort impacted a lot of designers and students in the Middle East through several channels, which is very rewarding,” Samir says.

Originally an engineer, Samir became head of design at a startup in Egypt before moving to IMPACT BBDO in Dubai, Fabrique in Amsterdam, and now Apple, where he works as a senior product designer.

Take a look at the typographically awesome output below.