Once and for All, Print Is Not Dead! I Repeat …

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Once and for All, Print Is Not Dead! In addition to all the mainstream and indie print-on-paper magazines, Steven Watson of Stack recently introduced me to the Newspaper Club, an online service that prints your very own newsprint publication.

Their motto is simple: “We’re here to help everyone make and print their own newspapers.”


They continue to bust the myth, noting “that reports of print’s death have been greatly exaggerated. For all the challenges the print industry may face, paper itself is a timelessly accessible and versatile medium. We believe in the power of newspapers to tell stories, in a way that is tactile and human.”

Newspaper Club’s goal is to bring “newsprint into the digital age and take it forward by giving people the tools to turn whatever they want into newsprint—quickly and easily. We offer free layout software, flexible printing options, an easy to use online ordering system, and fast, friendly service.” Find out how it works.


They’ve printed over 12 million newspapers for thousands of customers all over the world. They work for customers large and small and offer a chance to read the stories behind some of their faves.

A decade ago I would have balked at a service that would take the art out of art direction and the design out of designers’ hands. But this traverses the boundaries. Newspapers could easily head for extinction. This gives everyone a chance to make editorial statements in appealing, cost-effective and enlightening ways. Wake up and smell the newsprint.


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