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What more can you say … simplicity is its own reward. But there’s more to this tri-titled typographic magazine than being the pinnacle of Swiss typography.

Typographische Monatsblätter, Schweizer Grafische Mitteilungen, Revue Suisse de L’Imprimerie—aka TM/RSI/SGM—was the epitome of Swiss typographic discourse (documented in the book of the same name by Lars Müller Publishers). The magazine descended from the original Typographische Monatsblätter, founded in 1933 by the Swiss professional typographers’ association and, given that moment in history as the Nazi regime began imposing restrictions on Modern art, the editors positioned the journal as progressive.

Although the magazine evolved into and out of the classical Swiss aesthetic, for most of its existence its covers represented a range of Swiss rational yet adventurous composition, as presented by Emil Ruder, Robert Büchler, Armin Hofmann, Karl Gerstner, Wolfgang Weingart and more.

design culture009

Christian Staufafenegger

design culture008

Hans-Ulrich Allemann

design culture007

Heinrich Fleischhacker

design culture006

Heinrich Fleischhacaker

design culture005

Heinrich Fleischhacker

design culture004

Hans Rudolf Bosshard (?)

design culture003

Phillipp Luidi

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