Weekend Heller: Old Book, Fresh Ideas

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Those of you reading this blog may not know that 18 years ago, at the height of the graphic design writing wave, Allworth Press and the AIGA published Design Culture, a collection of texts from the AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, spanning the ’80s and ’90s, edited by Marie Finamore and me. Included are 62 authors and it’s best summed up this way:

“… a compact self-study course on the practice and appreciation of graphic design. The book … [is] intended as an alternative to the diet of eye candy that sustains many graphic designers.” —Metropolis, April, 1998

Not too many people knew about it because it wasn’t well publicized and even AIGA had other initiatives on its plate. But it is still available through Amazon Kindle and in paperback. And it is worth a read, if I do say so myself.

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